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Welcome to SlickBargainz, the place where you can find the best and the newest authentic perfumes and cosmetic products!

SlickBargainz is the online perfume store offering competitively priced genuine colognes and fragrances. caters to customers around the world and supplies only the freshest and the newest branded fragrances and beauty products.

With our desire to bring to everyone the finest of fragrances at the most affordable price, SlickBargainz was formed and registered in 2015 and now continues to offer reasonably priced branded perfumes. We are based in the United States but we serve customers from all around the world. We are known for our extensive collection of fragrances and beauty products that can be bought online at bargain prices.

SlickBargainz takes pride in its collection of thousands of bestsellers and fragrances from all known brands in the world. Our wide selection offers you a variety of scents so you can choose one that best suits your scent preference, needs, and body chemistry.

SlickBargainz understands the importance of hygiene and a well-presented self hence we offer you colognes, perfumes, and cosmetics that will help you look good and feel good without you having to empty your pockets. We are here to source for you the finest fragrances from reputable brands and offer them at very competitive rates. SlickBargainz wants you to enjoy wearing your favorite scents so we offer you affordable yet genuine branded fragrances so you can keep on supplying your fragrance wardrobe with scents that you can wear for different purposes and events. Online Perfume and Cosmetics Shopping Convenience

As an e-commerce perfume website, wants to make every online perfume and cosmetics shopping experience easy, quick, and convenient. Thus, brings to you a variety of scents so you can easily choose one that best fits your needs. SlickBargainz carries branded fragrances for all seasons, for everyday wear, for evening and formal wear, and for very special occasions. We carry a large selection of perfume brands so you can stock up on your favorites fragrances, beauty and cosmetics product or incessantly try the new brand name perfumes and cosmetics from famous designers and beauty brands.

SlickBargainz aims to be the first online perfume store that you go to whenever you are shopping for new fragrances or stocking up on your existing collection of fragrance, cologne, beauty and cosmetics products. The team behind SlickBargainz makes it a point to continuously offer popular, hard to find products and quickly bring in newly released fragrances so you can have access to them as soon as they are released in the market.

And because SlickBargainz values its online customers and understands their needs, we do not limit our product selection to just fragrances. SlickBargainz also carries bath and beauty products for you to enjoy. You can get hard-to- find and newly launched cosmetics and bath products at discounted rates of 10% to 70% off its retail prices.

You no longer have to find a place in a crowded parking lot or spend a considerable amount of time lining up at the cashier because beauty product shopping is now easy, fast and convenient. Right at the comforts of your home or perhaps in your office, you can shop online and have your chosen items delivered to your doorstep. SlickBargainz is indeed the place to go for fragrance and beauty product shopping without the long lines, the travel, and the crowd.

SlickBargainz is likewise committed to making your shopping experience enjoyable so we always make sure that you will instantly find what you need right here in our shop. We constantly add merchandise to our online catalog and consistently endeavor to provide helpful features on our site that will improve your shopping experience.

We chose to trade online to offer the convenience of shopping anywhere at any time. SlickBargainz acknowledges the benefit of technology and we want to make good use of it by offering safe, reliable, quick and convenient fragrance and cosmetics shopping. Brand Name Product Authenticity entered the Perfume and Beauty Industry with this in mind: to offer the best online services in terms of providing low-priced genuine and branded fragrances and cosmetics so more people can take pleasure in smelling good, looking good, and feeling good.

So we bring to you 100% authentic perfumes and beauty products sourced from the actual product manufacturers. What we have are the exact fragrances that you would find at local stores. All of our products are name brand originals. Absolutely no imitations, no fakes, no knock-offs and no counterfeits!

What we have are genuine, legitimate products from your trusted brands.

We also have Testers which are original, unused products that come with a “Tester” tag and, most of the time, a different packaging. They are exactly the same as the ones you see in fragrance and mall store counters and these testers are what the sales representatives use to test the product on you.

SlickBargainz sells branded cosmetics and fragrances at discounted rates because we maintain to keep our overheads low. There are no middlemen involved and we supply products directly to you our customers. Best Online Customer Service

The teams behind SlickBargainz Fragrances and Cosmetics are composed of experienced sales and marketing professionals who are committed to providing the best possible customer service to our clients. SlickBargainz wants you to enjoy your perfume, cologne, beauty and cosmetic product purchases so we are just right here behind you to guide you in your selection or to assist you with your order. From placing an order, to gift-wrapping, to rush delivery, and to returns and exchanges, our customer service representatives are ready and well-equipped with trade knowledge to help you.

SlickBargainz also has reliable, warehouse team that supervises the safekeeping of the products and the up-to- date fragrances & cosmetics inventory. Stocks of the best perfumes and cosmetic products are systematically and safely stored in a large warehouse.

Our accounting team likewise works hard in keeping costs low in order to maintain the affordability of our products. Of course, our ever-dependable technology experts perform their duties in keeping our website user friendly, safe, secured and updated with the best US fragrances and cosmetics.

All departments at SlickBargainz work together to ensure that quality service will be delivered to every customer. values your trust so we commit ourselves to keeping our promise of providing you with reliable, honest, and high quality service. SlickBargainz believes that by working with passion and integrity we will be able to reach our company’s goals.

SlickBargainz aims to be the best perfume and cosmetics online store chosen by the people all over the world. We guarantee that you will have a pleasant fragrance shopping experience right here at our e-commerce site.

We are grateful for your visit and your trust. We hope that you find what you are looking for at our extensive product catalog. If you need any further information about SlickBargainz, or about our products and services, you can send us a message directly at our Contact Us page.

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